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    About us
    ShiJiazhuang Dafeng Furnace Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional calcinators integrating research, design, production, process and sale. Located in Shijiazhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, we occupy 35 mu of land and have 320 employees and 80 technicians among whom 50 intermediate and senior technicians. Established in 2009, our 5 main series now contain SCR denitration catalyst calcining furnaces, drying furnaces, solar all-in-one, ceramics roller health kilns and batch-type furnaces which are produced by a group of high-leveled personnel of research, development, design, production and management.
    Our tenet is “human oriented, quality first”. We have had sound enterprise management system and quality insurance system and we will establish complete domestic supporting system and after-sales service system, favorable business relationship with many manufacturers and a team of capable technicians. We have built a technological development center with strong research and development capability and continuously improved product process to provide powerful technical support for the enterprise’s development and make product quality and technical level reach the advanced domestic standards.

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